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Body Composition Analysis

Is Analysis of Body Composition More Important Than Weight Loss?

  • Yes, body composition analysis  focuses on achieving the optimal body composition for each of our patients.  The ideal body composition is derived via our In Body bio impedance machine by determining in advance how much body fat, lean muscle mass, and total body water should comprise the patient’s weight.  ‘Losing weight’ is meaningless.  Our Best Body Composition Program utilizes a low calorie diet, the hormone HCG, along with bio-identical hormone replacement to effect optimal body composition for our male and female patients.

What is Body Composition?

  • Body composition refers to the components that make up the weight of your body.
  • Muscle Mass
  • Total Body Water
  • Total Body Fat

What is the Hormone Treatment Centers Care Strategy for Patients?

  • The Hormone Treatment Centers use aggressive empathy in patient care with a 3 step care process. The first focus is to ensure any hormonal deficiency is corrected. Once that problem is resolved we are able to address the symptoms of hormonal depletion which are often metabolic in nature (i.e. decreasing muscle mass, increasing body fat). We focus on body composition issues “One Problem at a Time,” first body fat reduction and second, muscle building.

How Does Body Composition Analysis at the Hormone Treatment Centers? 

  • Body Composition analysis enables a coach to divide the problem of body fat and muscle mass into two different problem solution models.  Losing Body fat is the first priority and addressed first with the program. Body Composition analysis establishes a benchmark for your body’s total pounds of fat, this problem is addressed with a low calorie diet and HCG.

  • Our secondary goal is to retain muscle mass while Fat Loss is occurring.  Periodic reviews of Body Composition allow the Coach to adjust protein levels “as needed” to offset Lean Muscle Loss during the program.  Since most of our patients are also receiving Hormone Treatment their bodies are able to gain huge benefits from the additional protein consumption and minimize their lean muscle loss.  It is estimated that 40% of “weight” lost on normal low calorie diet program is Lean Muscle and not fat.  We work very hard and make appropriate adjustments to ensure this is not the case in the Best Body Composition Program.

  • After the Fat Loss has occurred while we attempt to protect as much lean muscle mass as possible we shift the programs focus to the second focus area of gaining Lean Muscle Mass.  When we need to work on muscle building we change priorities and begin to engage in those processes that enable us to most effectively gain muscle mass.  Both are not done at the same time as it is not nearly as effective.  Body composition analysis provides quantitative data to understand clearly if the goals are being achieved.