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Are There Non-Opioid, Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Treatment Options Available?

The Hormone Treatment Centers offers a Non-Opioid, Non-Pharmaceutical pathway to Pain Recovery. We believe, we can help a patient without reliance on controlled narcotics/opioids for the control of pain and we certainly realize that there is a public health and regulatory and societal concern with the continued reliance and perpetuation of these controlled substances as “first line” treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions and therefore seek and are committed to “an alternative strategy.”

Pain and Injury Recovery Treatment Options in Kansas City!

To look at the patient from a “holistic and comprehensive standpoint”–which may and will likely include an evaluation of their metabolic, physiologic, hormonal, emotional, and physical state so as to determine the extent to which these factors have a role in the perpetuation of the patients pain state.

Focus on a non-narcotic, rehabilitative, nutritional, metabolic balance program, in order to facilitate the patient to regain and perhaps exceed their prior level of function.

Our goals are restorative, rehabilitative, maintenance of hormonal and physical balance–which we believe is key to a patient’s emotional and spiritual well-being. The continued use of controlled substance we believe is an impediment to that in many aspects. We believe we have a better way!!!

BPC 157 healing Peptide “Wolverine” Pain and Injury Recovery

  • Body Protection Compound (BPC) 157 is isolated from the human gastric juice and has  demonstrated to accelerate the healing and decrease pain of many different wounds and damaged areas.  BPC 157 accelerates healing and decreases pain in many different wounds and damaged areas on the body including the gut and intestines. Click for more info…

Natural Pain/Joint Injections

  • Treatment of pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms associated with injuries, arthritis, and other medical conditions that is 100% biological and safe. No Tissue Destruction – or systemic reactions.  Targeted Action – Effectively manages pain by acting on the sensory nerves with no effect on motor nerves. Click for more info…

Testosterone for Pain Treatment

  • Due to its critical physiologic functions in pain control, testosterone testing and replacement should be a principal component in the treatment of chronic pain. A deficiency impairs healing and control of inflammation at peripheral pain sites. In addition, low testosterone levels can cause depression, sleep disturbances, and lack of energy and motivation which can impact the healing process.. Click for more info…

Could I Benefit From A Pain Recovery Treatment? 

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