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Testosterone for Pain

Does Testosterone Help with Chronic Pain?

  • Chronic pain has to be considered in all respects a debilitating disease and 10–20% of the world’s adult population is affected by this disease. In the most general terms, pain is symptomatic of some form of dysfunction and (often) the resulting inflammatory processes in the body
  • Due to its critical physiologic functions in pain control, testosterone testing and replacement should be a principal component in the treatment of chronic pain. Testosterone is critical for central opioid receptor binding, maintenance of blood-brain barrier transport, and activation of dopamine. A deficiency impairs healing and control of inflammation at peripheral pain sites. In addition, low testosterone levels can cause depression, sleep disturbances, and lack of energy and motivation which can impact the healing process.

MWHC Experience With Testosterone Pain and Inflammation!

  • Our clinics have the unique experience of treating thousands of patients for hormone deficiency over the course of 8 years. At these specialty centers,  we have observed patient after patient experience improved pain control and reduced dependency on medications as a result of testosterone therapy.  The relationship between testosterone therapy and pain control is well documented in the medical literature, but is seen on a routine basis via tangible patient results at our treatment centers. It is this link between testosterone, pain control, and positive patient outcomes that pushed us to develop and offer treatment strategies to aid in recovery from pain and reduction in reliance upon opioids and other potentially harmful prescription medications.

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