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Rapid 90 Weight Loss

90 Day Medically Supervised Program to Maximize Fat Loss

  • Our physician-supervised program is designed to help an individual achieve their weight loss goal. The Rapid 90 Weight-Management protocol uses a combination of Naltrexone, Serm., Lipo-Trim SL and low-calorie intake to achieve optimum weight loss results. The protocol is designed to boost metabolism and help patients lose maximum amount of fat, all without feeling hungry
  • Body fat reduction is achieved by utilizing a low calorie low glycemic diet, interactive weight management prescriptions and 1 on 1 dietary coaching sessions. Bio-impedance testing and the data harvested drives the coaches decision on eating adjustment to ensure that weight lost is fat and muscle loss does not occur

What are the Components of the Rapid 90 Program?

  • Naltrexone Pill Nightly
  • Serm GH (Injectable or Pill) Nightly
  • Lipo Trim Spray Daily
  • Weekly Bio-impedance tests w/ Coach
  • Structured Eating Plan
  • Tracking Booklet

What are the Interactive Medications in the Rapid 90 Program?

  • The prescriptions of Oral NALTREXONE, Oral or Sub Q injectable SERMORELIN, Oral LIPO TRIM Spray are used to shelter muscle mass and achieve maximum fat loss. NALTREXONE – is an oral pill used nightly to accelerate the fat burning process, while also reducing hunger. Patients also report increased levels of mental clarity. Fat loss occurs without the typical hunger, weakness, and irritability.
  • SERM GH – is an oral pill or injectable that promotes pituitary health and function, it stimulates the pituitary to increase its own production of GH that triggers lipolysis and the release of IGF-1.
  • LIPO-TRIM – a sublingual oral spray that assists in the reduction of food cravings and may increase metabolism and improve energy levels