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GH – Ibutamoren

What is Ibutamoren Growth Hormone (GH)?  Why Restore it Naturally?

  • Ibutamoren or MK-677 is a growth hormone secretagogue.  A Growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) is a compound that acts as a secretagogue which will help promote growth hormone levels. It mimics the action of Ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone in the body but is also associated with our circadian rhythms. And it stimulates the release of naturally occurring Growth hormone from the pituitary gland  in the body up to 40% which in turn also increases the levels of IGF-1.  It has excellent oral bio-availability. You do not need to to inject and has a 24 hour half life in the body.
  • As aging occurs in men and women the GH monitored by a blood marker called IGF 1 declines rapidly.  Although this decline is normal naturally restoring healthy levels through peptide therapy begins to combat and even restore many aspects of health, wellness and quality of life.

What are the Symptoms of Low Levels of GH in Men and Women?

  • Accumulation of body fat that can lead to obesity
  • Loss of bone health and strength possibly leading to osteoporosis
  • Kidney function decline
  • Immune systems decline (i.e. getting sick easier with longer healing and recovery times to injuries and illness)
  • Increase in bad LDL cholesterol
  • Loss of skin elasticity collagen, and elasticity
  • Loss of energy, vigor, vitality, endurance and stamina
  • Decrease of sexual desire and performance often resulting into “sexual dysfunction”
  • Muscle atrophy the body has difficulty producing new muscle and existing muscle begins to decline
  • Decline is mental function and sharpness impacting memory, focus, and verbal learning

What are the Benefits of MK 677?

  • Accelerates healing from wounds or surgery
  • Increases calcium retention, strengthens and increases the mineralization of bone, bone density
  • Improves the sex drive and desire by stimulation of hypothalamus
  • Reduces belly fat through lipolysis
  • Increases lean body mass
  • Increases collagen production, and skin elasticity improving wrinkles
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases cellular repair and production
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose, an effect that opposes that of insulin

What Kind of Side Effects Does Ibutamoren Have?

  • Tingly fingers/hands, elevated blood sugar, intense dreams, some lethargy, water retention, as well as increased appetite are possible. They are all easily avoidable by dose adjustment.

How Long Does Ibutamoren Take to Start Working?

  • Ibutamoren starts working immediately. The drastic increase in GH levels will occur very quickly after ingestion, and usually by the end of the first week there is already a fairly substantial change in body composition due to the quick boost in intramuscular water and nitrogen retention it causes.

Can Testosterone and Ibutamoren Be Used Together?

  • Yes, Testosterone and Growth Hormone work synergistically together to improve tissue repair and growth. Testosterone induces hypertrophy (increase cell size) while growth hormone induces hyperplasia (increases the number of cells) Using testosterone and Ibutamoren together will allow a more drastic change in overall body composition that could not be achieved by using only one or the other on their own.

Are the Results from Ibutamoren Maintainable After Stopping Its Use?

  • Yes, the results are maintainable. Ibutamoren has no negative impact on your natural testosterone or natural GH production.

Are There Treatments in Kansas City for Low HGH Levels?

  • Adult-onset GH deficiency is treated with MK 677  treatments that are specialty compounded in exact dosage concentrations. The treatment is available in capsule form and has excellent bio availability.
  • The Hormone Treatment Centers will create a customized treatment program to meet your needs. This will involve lab testing, the use of medications, and an evaluation of your body’s reaction to the peptides.

Do You Have Any Evidence to Support the Safety and Effectiveness of Ibutamoren?

  • Yes, a 2 year clinical study of using Ibutamoren every single day at a dose of 25mg concluded that “daily administration of Ibutamoren significantly increased growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor I levels to those of healthy young adults without serious adverse effects.”