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Customized Meal Plans

  • The Fundamentals of Our Approach: Most people don’t understand how to property eat and train and end up doing more harm than good. You must feed the muscle in order for it to grow, and we know how to do this. You also cannot get stuck in the mindset of restricting yourself for things you enjoy all the time, you need to have designated times where you can relax your food choices for long term changes that last. At Hormone Treatment Centers, we want to help people make lasting compositional body change. That ideal body composition is derived by determining how much body fat mass, lean muscle mass and total body water should comprise the patient’s weight.

What is the Program Price for an Individualized Meal Plan with Body Composition Analysis?

  • 90 Day Program Price – $300

Custom Meal Plan Program Components.

  • 4 one-on-one consults with Body Composition Consultant
  • 4 Bio-impedance Body Composition Tests
  • 1 Customized Meal Plan based on unique Body Composition Goals
  • 2 Meal Plan Adjustments (as needed) to achieve results
  • 1 Customized Supplementation Plan
  • 2 Supplementation Plan Adjustments (as needed) to achieve Body Composition goals.

How are Results Tracked with the Custom Meal Plan Program?

  • Tracking Results: The compostional body change is tracked and reported with each consult using one of the most accurate Bio Impedance machines on the market. The reports are easily understood and enable our coaches to target and maximize fat loss, minimize muscle wasting and maintain the highest possible metabolism which is identified as a real number on our reports. Optimizing fat loss requires patient / specific eating plans. These eating plans are derived and changed based upon the patient experience and results. Proper body management programs are not one size fits all meal plan templates but must be tailored to each patient for maximum results. We find that during the low calorie phase we often adjust meal plans on a weekly or bi weekly basis.