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5 Sex and Aging Myths

There are a variety of myths surrounding sex and aging, such as the idea that older people don’t participate in or don’t enjoy sex as younger people do. Studies have shown that older couples still enjoy engaging in sexual activity as they age well into the seventies and even eighties.

Older couples can be sexually active and enjoy the positive benefits of sex, such as increased happiness and longevity.

Common Myths Surrounding Sex and Aging

Sex isn’t pleasurable for older people. 

This is not the case at all. As a couple ages together, they learn more about each other’s sexual likes and dislikes and can establish a deeper connection, having sex more passionate and pleasurable. A decrease in hormones such as estrogen can cause sex to be painful for women due to dryness, and a reduction in testosterone can lower a man’s libido.

With treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or testosterone replacement therapy, these effects of aging can be alleviated or prevented, making sex more enjoyable for them.

Older people are too weak or fragile to have to sex. 

Although it is essential for those engaging in sex to have a healthy heart, older people are not otherwise limited sexually due to being “weak” or “fragile.” If strength or fragility is an issue, some couples may have to adapt to different positions. By trying a variety of positions, couples can find what works for them and their health conditions.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can provide relief for a variety of health conditions that may affect sexual performance, such as joint pain, decreased muscle tone, and fatigue. 5 Sex and Aging Myths

Older people don’t have the desire or need for sex. 

Many people of the age of 50 maintain a regular sex life. Studies have shown that those over the age of 50 do struggle with pleasure from orgasms, lubrication of the vagina, and the quality of erection. To address a lack of sex drive, testosterone therapy can be used for both men and women to help increase libido. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can also be used for women to enhance their arousal and desire for sex.

They can’t have sex because their equipment doesn’t work. 

While changes in hormone levels as people age can result in difficulty with vaginal dryness or maintaining an erection does not mean that they can’t have sex. For erectile dysfunction, there are a variety of prescription medications that a man can take as well as options for testosterone replacement therapy, which can help improve sexual function.

For women, they can combat vaginal dryness with a silicone-based lubricant, estrogen-based creams that help to plump the vaginal tissues, as well as platelet-rich plasma therapy to help them improve lubrication and tighten the vaginal opening.

The aging body isn’t desirable or sexy.

The body changes as it ages, sagging or gaining weight in certain areas where it didn’t at a younger age, but this doesn’t mean that an older person’s sexual allure is diminished. As a couple grows older together, they fall in love with more than just their partner’s body.

Someone who is experiencing issues such as weight gain, that may be affecting their confidence in the bedroom, should consider hormone replacement therapy. Treatments such as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for women or testosterone replacement therapy for men can help increase muscle and decrease body fat, especially in the midsection. This treatment can help you regain your confidence and get rid of insecurities that may be hindering your sex life.
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